This day-long class will be a comprehensive program, including: Language Arts, Sciences, Maths, History, and Arts, with a Holistic Waldorf-based methodology, and a distinctively child-led individualistic approach. 

  • This "Village School" environment, welcomes students with mixed ages, backgrounds, interests, learning styles and speeds. We aim to create an environment in which students are excited about the discoveries they are making about themselves and the world. Each student is encouraged to develop their own standards of excellence, themselves encouraging and appreciating the achievements of their peers. All evaluation is constructive, with self assessment and peer-evaluation fostered under the guidance of the teachers. "Objective standards" and measurement criteria are only of use in so far as they are personally meaningful to the student.

  • This is a rolling program with themes rotating over (something like) a three year period. Within this each semester and year may draw from an overall theme: Ancient and Classical Civilization; The Middle Ages and Renaissance; The Emergence of the Modern World.

  • Each semester will feature a range of topics drawn from the Humanities, Mathematics, Arts and Sciences as might be encountered in Waldorf Middle and High School programs. Particular topics are taken in intensive three to four week blocks. Each topic is presented in an integrated way, weaving together practical, artistic and academic approaches. Students are able to move between the projects on offer within each topic, and also to develop their own, selecting the formats that are most suitable to them. There may be peer presentations and review at the conclusion of each block. Themes are not selected according to textbook guidelines, but to allow us to meaningfully engage with the central questions: Where are we? How did we get here? What are our best paths forward?

Ages 12+
Fridays from 9:30 am to 3 pm
Fee $1200